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The New Hannah Berry Site

Photographer The Springles

My first post on my new website!

We have been in lockdown for 46 days now, which is an unprecedented situation. At first I felt anxious and tense not knowing how long the situation would go on for and what the future held. As time went on I started to relax and got into the swing of staying at home, opening my post with gloves on and shouting across the farm yard at my neighbours just to ask them how they were doing.

As the days went by, more of my 2020 clients were emailing and calling up to arrange to postpone their wedding date - a sensible decision at this uncertain time. I needed to immerse myself into something, a distraction from all the doom and gloom. With the admin work load tailoring off, I decided it was time to refresh the website - something I had been longing to do for 3 years, but just never had the time to sit down and do.

So here it is - a fresh new website. Featuring a few selected weddings from over the last few years in the 2020 Look Book. I hope you like them!

I have set myself a goal to update the website on a regular basis (something I haven't been good at in the past) so with the norm not being the norm anymore and everything a little different, it's time to make some changes.

Let me know what you think?

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