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September 8, 2017

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L O V E British Flowers

June 7, 2017


| British Flower Week 2017- 19th-25th June

We are so lucky to live in a climate that allows us to grow such a vast array of beautiful plants and flowers. Ok … this might not mean weeks of endless sunshine or baking hot summers, but your garden at least, is thankful for our temperamental weather!


In the run up to British Flower week, “a celebration of the wealth and variety of British cut flowers and foliage” I thought we’d do just that and celebrate British cut flowers with a look at a few HBF designs incorporating some of the very best cut flowers British growers have to offer.

Buying British means buying seasonal. Without the heavily subsidised glass houses of the Dutch growers, British nurseries grow seasonal flowers meaning you get them at their absolute best and because the cut stems haven't travelled hundreds of miles to get to you, they will be fresher and last longer.

Seasonal availability could mean you might need to venture away from any set ideas of what flower varieties you want to include in your scheme, or consider setting the date of your wedding alongside the availability of your flowers. 


Embrace the variety shopping seasonally brings. Trust your florist and be bold, some of the most beautiful and standout arrangements can happen when you work with seasonal British flowers and foliage.


British grown flowers smell amazing! Unlike most imported flowers, when we incorporate British flowers and foliage, we know the whole workshop will be full of the most heady aromas. 


Did you know that smell is one of our biggest triggers for memory? Fill your designs with scented roses, sweet-peas, stocks or even British grown herbs and you will be transported back to memories of your wedding day every time you smell them.




Choosing British gives you the opportunity to grow the flowers you had on you're wedding day in your own garden.


British nurseries use varieties which they know will grow well in our climate, so get a list of the flowers used on your wedding day and get planting. Every anniversary your garden will be full of your wedding flowers (don’t hold me to that- like I said, we have temperamental whether, but wouldn't it be amazing!!)

During British Flower week there will be events happening all over the country, if you're inspired to find out more visit www.britishflowersweek.com and have a look whats happening near you.


Photos by Hannah Berry Flowers

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