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Six of One and Half a Dozen of the Other

July 9, 2017



How do you combine your styles for a truly personal wedding day ... ?


It can seem a daunting challenge to plan a day thats perfect for two people each with their own likes and dislikes, then add the word ‘wedding’ and it can all seem a little overwhelming.

Here are a few little pointers that can really help when it comes to planning a wedding day thats not only magical, but completely personal too.

Bury Court Barn 


Whether you are splitting the organisational tasks 50/50, or the majority is being taken on by one partner; the chances are you will want a day that suits both your tastes.


The key to happy wedding planning (and a happily ever after for that matter!) is being able to talk openly with each other. 


Millbridge Court


Be honest and upfront about your vision for the day right from the start. 


If you are aiming for bohemian romance and your partner is envisioning Scandi minimalism, but you haven't told each other, then there are bound to be some tense moments as you battle your way through all the choices ahead.


Voicing those wishes from the outset and finding a way to combine your styles can lead to some truly magical decisions you'll both love.






Millbridge Court


Include your floral designer, stylist, wedding planner or other suppliers in your decision making process and you’ll be amazed at where your ideas will lead. 


It doesn't matter how different your ideas are as long as you weave them together from the outset. Its all about creating cohesion. 

Include elements from both your wish lists throughout the day so nothing stands alone or seems out of place within the bigger picture.

Millbridge Court


Respect each others likes and dislikes and be prepared to compromise, you might think your styles would never work together but a challenging brief will push you to be creative and think outside the box. 


Each nominate a ‘must include’ item, if it’s important enough to be your ‘must include’ then, you guessed it, it must be included! 

Farnham Castle 


Most importantly approach planning your wedding day as an amazing opportunity to bond and learn things about each other, try and enjoy the time you spend planning together and make it a special part of the memories you'll share of your wedding.


Give yourselves an evening off every now and then. Planning a wedding can be all consuming and suddenly it’s all you've talked about for weeks. Have a, ‘no wedding talk’, date night. Some times the best ideas come about after a bit of breathing space.





Gildings Barn


Lastly, be true to yourselves. You’ll see the phrase ‘your perfect wedding’ everywhere as you search for ideas about your big day, but remember, your perfect wedding is the one thats perfect for you!

Surround yourselves with people and things you love and you will have a truly unique and personal design that will be a refection of you as a couple. Perfect.


Photos by Hannah Berry unless credited. 


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