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September 8, 2017

May 24, 2017

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February 28, 2017

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The Boy Done Good!

February 28, 2017



This Christmas, Mr HBF bought me a fantastic present - a 1:1 photography course with Anna, from Anna Saverimuttu Photography


I’m giving him full credit here, although I did actually ask for a photography lesson; I’ve been wanting to brush up on my camera skills and explore the manual settings of my Cannon EOS 1200D  ever since I’ve owned it. #allthegearnoidea 


I guess like most hobbies, I find it difficult to set aside time to practise using my camera, when there always seems to be something more pressing vying for my attention.


So last week I took myself off to Guildford for a whole guilt free day of photography (and a cheeky Kalm Kitchen Cafe lunch) with no distractions!! Heavenly. 

The day started at the Yvonne Theatre in Guildford, where Anna had hired a fab, private room upstairs and we got chatting about what I wanted to achieve from the day.


I have a BSc (Hons) degree in Television Production and although it feels like a long, LONG time ago, I’ve spent a lot of time in the past working on cameras, production and post production. Because of this, I feel confident with compositions, but I have fallen behind on the technical side of things and I didn't feel confident in how to achieve the images I wanted, without relying on the good old point and shoot mode.

We set about relearning the theory side of photography, Anna is an excellent teacher and covered ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speeds in detail. She was able to show me lots of photographic examples from a presentation on her iPad and talked to me through how the images were achieved. 

Photo by Anna Saverimuttu

Photo by Anna Saverimuttu


Being dyslexic I often find theory hard to learn, so the visual examples, along with a bound handbook (including everything we had covered in the lesson) for me to take home and reference, really helped me to process all the information and definitely suited my learning style.


We set up a composition in the room where I styled some spring flowers (homegrown and cut from the cutting garden of course) along with a few props. I used my Prime 85mm lens and focused on various items using the natural light from the windows and outside the theatre. 

Anna and I also worked on some profile shots; a completely new and exciting subject matter for me but one that Anna (who specialises in portraiture) is especially knowledgable in. 


By the end of the day I was shooting in full manual mode and achieving some great and, most importantly, consistent results



Anna’s enthusiasm for her work was was inspiring and I am so excited to put my new and refreshened skills into action! 


Thank you for this great present Mr HBF, now if you don’t mind cooking the dinner, I have some practice I’d like to be getting on with! x


All photos by Hannah Berry Photography unless otherwise stated! 

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