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September 8, 2017

May 24, 2017

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Life on the farm ...

April 24, 2015

With the Hannah Berry Flowers studio located on a working farm in Surrey, there is always something happening to keep us amused. 


Whilst we’re busy in the workshop creating floral displays for all our gorgeous spring weddings this year, theres something exciting happening outside …  its the arrival of the spring lambs!


The farm is run by Tim, Claire and their teenage identical twins, Charlotte and Emily.  No farm is complete without the sheep dog..... his name is ‘Moss'. Everyone works so hard and the twins buzz around in the enormous tractors, much to the amazement of all the men! 


When entering the farmhouse kitchen one evening I was greeted by a comforting, homely smell of one of Claire’s award winning pies. It made my tummy rumble to the jealous thought that I had nothing prepared for my supper.


Claire offered to take me down to see the Ewes and the new born lambs and how could I possibly resists!


On entering the field I was approached by the smallest, cutest, most adorable lamb named ‘No. 3’! This little one was born to the third Ewe who gave birth on the farm and was a triplet.  She needed to be bottle fed, giving her a head start in life, whilst her mother concentrated on feeding the other two.



‘No 3’ soon became my favourite as she followed me around everywhere I went! It was like having a new dog, but it lamb form. 


I was lucky enough to experience the last Ewe give birth to her second lamb. She arrived into the world with no complications, but I didn't manage to  escape all the gory stories and past experiences from Claire … best not to go there!



Whilst in the fields, I got the chance to take in the beautiful surrounding spring landscape. At the moment the fields are full of primroses, bluebells and blossom.


This gave me the inspiration for a recent floral design at Farnham Castle. Spring flowers such as Anemones, Ranunculus, Muscari and natural foraged finds growing out form a mossed ring, looking truly organic. 



Life on the farm is always changing with the seasons, and this is what I love so much.


Photos by Hannah Berry Flowers 


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